Expression of Interest for CITB Industry Funding Committee (IFC) Independent Member Position

CITB is inviting individuals who have current experience of working in construction, particularly those involved with home building and ideally with employers that have a directly employed workforce and a strong interest in modernising construction. We are looking for an individual with a keen interest in funding, skills and training to join the Industry Funding Committee as an Independent Member.

“The Industry Funding Committee plays an important role in reviewing the performance and impact of funding and in shaping how Levy is invested in future to help industry invest in training.  If you feel you can help CITB on this please get in touch with them.”

Steve Fox, CITB’s Chair of the Industry Funding Committee

Photo of Steve Fox


One Independent Member position is available and the successful applicant will help the Industry Funding Committee to oversee the implementation and future direction of CITB’s Funding Strategy and Grants Scheme reform, together with providing assurance to the Board that Levy funding is utilised effectively whilst resultant funds and commissions remain sustainable and affordable. The Industry Funding Committee reports to the CITB Board and is chaired by a CITB Board Trustee, Steve Fox.

The Industry Funding Committee’s purpose is:

  • To develop for approval by the Board a Funding Strategy that delivers against the Board’s strategic priorities as amended from time to time;
  • To monitor and review the delivery and impact of the Funding Strategy and to provide assurance to the Board that the Funding Strategy is and remains fit for purpose and/or offer recommendations to the Board as to future direction/changes;
  • Based on the impact of funding activity and the available evidence base, to offer advice to the Board and provide recommendations on the future direction of the Funding Strategy, including reform of the Grants Scheme and the development of Commissions;
  • The Committee is a decision-making body with authority delegated by the Board to authorise industry funding of up to £5m for any one commission or funding project.

To best serve industry the Committee needs to encompass a wide range of representation from across construction, and be comprised of individuals who are well versed in the existing skills and training requirements of industry and feel passionate about helping CITB to use the investment of Levy funding to drive the skills agenda forward in a positive, innovative way.

Skills and Expertise

We are seeking a candidate who has in-depth, current knowledge of funded skills and training provision and initiatives within industry to add value to the Committee.  It is not necessary to have previous Board or Committee experience. The role would be a good opportunity for an individual seeking to broaden their CV with wider experience.


Each appointment of a Member is for a period of up to four years and is non-remunerated, although travel expenses will be paid. There are a minimum four meetings per year, held either remotely via video conference, or at a given location in Great Britain, and meetings last approximately 3 hours. Additional workshops and training sessions may be added to the Committee’s work programme from time-to-time if there is a specific need to do so, and at the Chair’s discretion.

“This will be a great opportunity for someone with an interest in modernising construction to help shape our funding approach.  We want to target how we invest Levy not only to meet construction’s immediate skill needs as it recovers, but also to support new and growing needs as the industry seeks to transform itself.”

Steve Radley, CITB’s Strategy & Policy Director

Photo of Steve Radley



If you are interested in this vacancy, please take time to go through the Terms of Reference and Role Description to ensure you have the required skills. If you would like to apply, please complete the Expression of Interest form and email to by 26 May 2021 end of business.


All Expressions of Interest submissions will be considered for short listing by a panel comprising of two CITB Board Trustees (including the Committee Chair), CITB’s Strategy & Policy Director and CITB’s Head of Strategy. Applicants considered by the Panel who satisfy the requisite skills, experience and knowledge will be selected for interview with the Committee Chair and one other member of the Panel, who will then make a recommendation to the Board for the appointment of the preferred candidate. This process will be supported by CITB’s Corporate Governance Team.


The successful applicant will receive a formal appointment letter from CITB, along with a schedule of the upcoming meetings and an Induction Pack.