Assessment Criteria

During the Virtual Assessment Centre you will be assessed on the behaviours, strengths and abilities outlined below.



Communicating and Influencing

You have excellent communication skills, listening to others and adapting your style to suit the audience.

You are highly confident and influential and challenge others in a constructive manner. You quickly develop mutual trust and respect with a wide range of stakeholders.


Delivering at Pace

You are focused, driven and self-motivated and show excellent planning and organisation skills. You are flexible and quickly adapt to new situations.

You work effectively under pressure and show high levels of resilience in challenging situations. You are proactive and willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

Developing Self and Others

You have a genuine desire to help and motivate others and act as a positive role model. You show compassion for others and provide praise and positive feedback.

You are dedicated to learning and development and are highly self-aware.

Making Effective Decisions

You show good judgement and problem-solving ability, using relevant information and an awareness of the bigger picture to guide your thinking and help you manage risk.

You make robust and confident decisions and can explain and justify your thinking. 


Managing a Quality Service

You have a strong work ethic and go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service, representing the organisation in every interaction. You drive quality standards and adhere to rules and guidelines.

You identify opportunities to improve ways of working.

Working Together

You build and maintain excellent working relationships with others and are a supportive team member. You collaborate with others and share knowledge and information, both internally and with outside agencies.

You have highly developed conflict resolution skills.



Written Skills

You have excellent written English and can effectively communicate complex messages in writing.



We’re looking to find out what motivates and energises you. We want to see what your natural strengths are and what interests you.