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Common questions and information on how to contact us regarding any queries not addressed here.


1. How long is the Virtual Assessment Centre and what does it consist of?

PQiP Virtual Assessment Centres are half-days, either a morning or afternoon session. You’ll start by attending a briefing session with other candidates, followed by 3 separate assessments – an interview; a role play exercise and a written test. If you have already completed a video-based interview, you will not complete an interview as part of your Virtual Assessment Centre.

 You’ll also be requested to show your documentation required for pre-employment checks (security vetting).




2. What should I wear to my Assessment?

Smart casual wear that allows you to feel comfortable when taking the Virtual Assessment Centre.


3. I have special requirements which need to be taken into consideration at the Virtual Assessment Centre, what should I do? 

You were able to inform us of any special requirements within the application form. If you have a disability or special requirement and didn’t inform us of this during the application process, please contact us as soon as possible.

If in doubt, please contact the recruitment centre at MoJ-recruitment-vetting-enquiries@gov.sscl.com or telephone 0345 241 5358.


4. What documents do I need to provide?

For the purposes of pre-employment checks, you will need to show a proof of right to work in the UK, proof of ID, certificate to evidence level 5 qualification and proof of address. Please note these documents must match those referenced within your application form.

Please note we can only accept bank statements obtained as paper copies generated and sent out centrally from your bank. If you request a copy to be printed off within your bank’s branch, you will need it signed by a member of staff within the branch as verification. Please note that we are unable to accept online bank statements. If you do not have a bank statement you can instead use a recent utility bill or council tax letter dated within the last 3 months, which fully shows your address details. Unfortunately, student loan letters or mobile phone bills cannot be accepted as a form of proof of address.

Please refer to either your invite email or the documents below for guidance on which documents are acceptable. This will help to ensure that your pre-employment checks are completed as quickly as possible.


Checking Your Documents

Guidance for Pre-Employment Screening


5. Can I have a notebook or pre-written notes during the Virtual Assessment Centre?

You are allowed to refer to your notes for the behaviour questions in the interview, however you should try to give a natural unrehearsed answer to the strengths questions. 


6. Will there be breaks?

Comfort breaks are built into the timetable to allow you time to step away from your laptop/computer, please ensure you have returned in time to begin your next exercise. Timings will be advised on the day.


7. When will I find out the results of my Virtual Assessment Centre?

Results will be communicated to you within 15 working days from the date of your Virtual Assessment Centre.


8. What are the next steps if I am successful at my Virtual Assessment Centre?

If you pass your Virtual Assessment Centre, you will receive a provisional offer pending the successful completion of pre-employment checks and pending the availability of suitable vacancies.

After all the Virtual Assessment Centres have concluded, allocations of successful candidates to available vacancies are carried out based on merit from candidates’ assessment scores.

If it is not possible to allocate you to a vacancy during this intake, you will be held on a merit list for 12 months from the date of your Virtual Assessment Centre. Your application will automatically be carried forward to the next intake, where your application will be included in the next round of allocations, although a placement cannot be guaranteed. 



9. What happens if I am unsuccessful?

If you are unsuccessful, you may re-apply to the next PQiP campaign. You may also wish to consider other roles within HMPPS, such as Probation Services Officer.

You can register on the Civil Service Jobs website to receive email alerts.



General Queries

Call us on: 0845 2415358 or 0345 2415358

Or email us: moj-recruitment-vetting-enquiries@gov.sscl.com